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A Very Lonely Place
Documentary, HD, 92 min.
Director: Stanislaw Mucha
A coproduction of BT Film (Berlin), strandfilm (Frankfurt) and zinnober film (Aachen) - in cooperation with NDR
Supported by Hessen Film, FFA/BKM, Filmstiftung NRW
Distributor: W-Film, Cologne

The loneliest workplace in the world is a weather station on the edge of the Russian polar sea. For decades meteorologists there have been watching the weather of the Arctic – and now a young copule is arriving to take over the station, where the most exciting event is the arrival of a cargo ship twice a year - and where, sped up by climate change, the gold rush, the exploitation of natural resources, that were hidden in the no longer eternal ice, has already begun.

Wassili auf seinem Leuchtturm
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